Thursday, 10 March 2011

7 Surprisingly Easy Tips To Clear Your Acne Forever

Acne is a common concern among adolescents and adults alike. No one is happy about looking in the mirror and seeing pimples and blackheads on their face glaring back at them. There is a natural cure for acne, and it's all natural. Just try these easy steps, and you will notice a big difference in just a few hours time.

1. Vitamins C and E - The American Academy of Dermatology recommends daily oral dosages of vitamins C and E to protect the body and for its antioxidant properties that are important for healthy skin.

2. Almond oil is beneficial for dry and inflamed skin. Applying a paste of ground fenugreek leaves overnight over acne is beneficial. It also acts as a preventive acne herbal medication and keeps the skin healthy.

3. Reapply as necessary. If the pimple is still a problem, then repeat the same procedure that you used in step 2. Keep doing this until the pimple is gone, most of the time it will only take less than a day to dry out the pimple.

4. The Office of Dietary Supplements at the National Institute of Health states that inflammation of the skin is one sign of B6 deficiency. Clinical signs of vitamin B6 deficiency are rarely seen in the United States. Alcoholics and aging adults are at the highest risk for B6 deficiencies due to poor dietary habits.

5. Cucumber juice singly or mixed with juices of carrot, lettuce or alfa alfa is considered an excellent home remedy for acne.

6. You can eat foods rich in zinc and they include chicken, beef, yogurt, nuts, beans and many more. You need to have a specialist recommend the right zinc supplements for the best results. You also need to take something that gives the skin power to heal. One of the most popular acids that do this is the Omega-3 fatty acids that are known to help thin the sebum and restore the skin. Fish, fish oils, vegetable oils and so on have the acids in plenty and you will always do your skin good when you take them in.

7. Finally, a quick remedy that can end your acne problems is as follow. Wash and dry your face with mild soap then beat a fresh egg and apply on the face. Wait for up to an hour and then wash it out. The results might just surprise you. There are so many other things that you can do and the best way to know whether they work is to try them out.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

5 Easy Tips To Get Rid Of Acne Naturally

Acne is a common skin disorder, characterized by blemishes and skin inflammations in the form of pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. These skin disruptions can manifest on the face, but also on the back, chest, and shoulders. Some may get skin irritation, while others may get rashes and shallow scars. Hence, many doctors have begun to administer natural acne products. Let us discuss few methods to get rid of acne naturally.

1. A diet for acne prone skin needs to include vitamin A, which is a powerful antioxidant for skin tissue; B-complex vitamins to regulate stress levels and increase circulation to the surface of skin; vitamin C for immune health and for inflammation; and, vitamin E for healing and repair. This means that vitamin-rich, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and nuts are all excellent food remedies for acne. Zinc, which is found in high quantities in lima beans, soy, and mushrooms, is also connected with reducing acne.

2. This should be made to lie on skin for at least 15 minutes. Following this you should wash off the paste and pat dry the skin. This natural treatment can make your face glow instantaneously.

3. Some plants that seem effective for curing skin disorders and are used in herbal acne remedies - either for topical application or for ingestion - are German Chamomile (digestion-improving properties), Neem (blood-purifying and antibacterial properties), Witch Hazel (astringent properties), Goldenseal (antibiotic properties), Burdock (liver-stimulating properties), Echinacea (immune-boosting properties), Aloe Vera (skin-soothing properties), etc. Essential oils like evening primrose oil, lavender oil, borage oil, blackcurrant seed oil, etc., are also used in herbal acne remedies.

4. Apply a fading or bleaching cream to your acne scars. Generally, acne scars are darker in color than your natural skin tone. With regular use, a bleaching or fading cream will lighten the scars, helping them to blend in with surrounding skin.

5. Moisturizers made out of natural substances can be very good for acne prone skin. Generally moisturizers would contain alcohol based substances which can aggravate acne at times. Natural moisturizers don't contain alcohol and they are best suited for acne prone skin. They can also bring radiance to skin.